7 Aspects Of Marketing Questions You Need To Consider

Val Smyth, founder of Mentors In Motion taught me that Marketing is the art and science of empowering, strengthening and developing real relationships with another human being, based their wants or needs and not yours or mine.

A second option is to provide an entirely content rich webinar, with an absolute minimum of selling, or alternatively none at all. This might sound counter intuitive – after all, how can you make money on a webinar without selling anything? The answer is to be subtle about it. By using your own products as examples of things that can be achieved, you will be able to subtly slip links into your webinar. If you have a large crowd, a number of them will check out the links, and you should make some sales.

Secondly never try to prospect someone you don’t even know by starting out with “Hey do me a favor look at my opportunity” especially without even introducing yourself or addressing the prospect by name.

Marketing is what gets the clients through the door. Remember that you are a marketer that just happens to be a specialist at what ever activity it is you do.

Include buttons and text links. Some prospects will be more attracted to large, visually appealing graphic buttons. Others will respond to calls to action that are incorporated into your text. For example, you might end a paragraph with, “…so reserve your place today.” In this instance, the phrase “reserve your place” would be turned into a link that takes visitors to your registration page. Include both formats of closes in your Webinar Jeo materials.

In the webinar, be transparent. Let your audience get to know you better. Tell them why you do what you do, whether you have kids or elderly parents to care for. Let them in on your “why”, people can relate and appreciate it.

So, before you go ahead with setting up your website, think about webinars first. It will really save you a lot of time and money, plus you’ll make a lot of sales!

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